Even though the DHET has made more learning opportunities available and has increased access to education and training, it should be acknowledged that the PSET system is under strain. It is therefore critical that students make the right choice, based on future job security and their unique abilities and interests when deciding on a particular field of study. By making a choice based on these factors, students may improve their chances of successfully completing a course of study thereby ensuring that the limited government resources available, in the form of bursaries, are appropriately and effectively utilized.

The DHET has developed the Career Interest Questionnaire for students opting to further their studies at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges. The Career Interest Questionnaire was developed to assist students in making a career choice based on an awareness of their interests thus enabling them to identify appropriate study courses and programmes at these institutions. The Career Interest Questionnaire does not test the academic ability of an individual and it should therefore not be treated as a psychometric test.

The Career Interest Questionnaire complements numeracy and literacy assessments currently used for student placement at TVET colleges and can be used as an additional tool for placement. The objectives of developing the Career Interest Questionnaire are:

1. To assist students at TVET Colleges, and those who are planning to further their studies at a TVET College, to choose a study field; and
2. To assist students in making informed career decisions.

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What is an Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are commonly used as part of a pre-employment assessment process.

Employers use aptitude tests early in the hiring process to identify strong candidates, who are then invited to continue the process.

The aptitude test will also serve to guide you in choosing your study direction at the college.

To assit you to make the correct career choice you will find links to websites where you may take these tests.

1. Job Test Prep

2. Practice Aptitude Tests

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