Intervention Programmes and other activities Administered:

  • Study Skills Programme – presented by the Department of Labour – to empower all NCV level 2 students academically.
  • SRC Election campaign – planning and execution of campaign. This procedure included the nomination of candidates, campaigning, voting, and final interview.
  • Class Representative Elections
  • First things First HIV/AIDS awareness programme- (HEAIDS) together with an induction programme for all new students. To instil an awareness of the dangers of HIV and to be tested for HIV
  • Blood donation – SANBS on-going throughout the year.
  • Health Awareness Day – (Screening and Testing TB; Blood sugar, Addiction awareness, responsible gambling). This programme was presented to the students to instil awareness of TB and HIV and the relevant testing thereof, addiction of alcohol and drug abuse awareness, testing of blood group type and awareness of irresponsible gambling in an interactive manner.
  • Community service – Mandela Day Project. Student Counsellors together with the campus Manager (R Roode), HOD members and some of the staff members from Vanderbijlpark campus visit Kopanong Hospital with gifts for the patients in the children’s ward. The children were entertained with singing, face paint, toys, and toiletry hampers. Some of the other wards were also visited and the patients were uplifted with singing, prayer and gifts (toiletries). This initiative brought great joy to the patients and staff involved with the project.