Career Guidance Office

  • Selection and Placement Test.
  • Develop a System to provide career guidance to students.
  • Explore early registration to relieve backlog.
  • Develop efficient and effective registration process and plan.
  • Analysis of exam results to plan for academic support programme.
  • Providing Career Guidance.

Financial Aid Office

  • Bursary Advert/Notices.
  • Bursary Applications.
  • Means Test.
  • Consolidate/Merge Means Tests.
  • Signing of SOP.
  • Verification of students addresses.
  • Monitoring Attendance Policy compliance by students.

Registration/Enrollment Office

  • Application Processes.
  • Admissions Processes.
  • Registration Processes.
  • Student Card processing.
  • LTSM Process.

Academic Support Office

  • Peer Tutoring.
  • Extra Lessons.
  • Catch-Up Classes.
  • LearnScape.

Personal/Student Leadership

  • SRC.
  • Class Reps.
  • Recognized Political Affiliations.
  • Religious Organizations.

Psycho-Social Support

  • Student Counselling Office.
  • Health & Wellness Awareness Programmes.
  • HEAIDS- First Things First Campaigns.
  • Disability Unit.
  • Anti-Substance Abuse Office.
  • Peer Counsellors/Social Clubs.
  • Sports Programmes.

Entrepreneurship Initiatives

  • Economic Education: unemployment, economic growth, tax, personal financial management, productivity, and industry knowledge.
  • Business Ideas: searching for ideas, creativity, and innovation.
  • Access Finance: liaise with SETAs.
  • Business Planning/Start Up.

Job Placement: NC(V) Level 4 and Report 191 (N6)

  • Provide Comprehensive Information about employment opportunities on notice boards and resource centers.
  • Link students directly with employers.
  • Actively promote and market students and college programmes among prospective employers.

Entry into Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

  • Assist with Comprehensive Info: internet searches; liaise with student affairs at HEIs.
  • Apprenticeships.
  • Learnerships with SETAs.

Alumni Office

  • Track & Trace past graduates.
  • Communication & Promotion.
  • Fundraising & Sponsorships.
  • Networking Sessions.
  • Principal’s Gala Dinners.
  • Awards Ceremonies.


Selection & Placement

  • Selection and Placement Test.
  • Analysis of results and career advice provided to students.
  • Early registration to relieve backlogs at the beginning of the year.

Financial Aid

  • Adhere to the Bursary schedule.
  • Transparent and effective communication on bursary processes.
  • Verification of addresses for student beneficiaries.
  • Implementation of the student attendance policy for awarding of allowances.

Orientation & Induction

  • Compulsory Orientation programme for all new students.
  • Peer Mentors to assist students to adapt to college life (Buddy system.

Academic Support 

  • Academic support programme interventions.
  • System in place to provide academic support in foundational/fundamental programmes.
  • Resourcing and skills to provide effective academic support programmes.

Personal Support/Student Leadership

  • Approved SRC Constitution in place.
  • SRC Elections.
  • SRC Orientation programme.
  • Participation of SRC in governance structures at College.

Psycho-Social Support

  • Participation in HEAIDS Initiative (referrals to professional staff).
  • Health awareness peer programmes.
  • Support groups for students with health-related illnesses.
  • Sports programmes (different College sporting codes).


  • College should have a database of applicants with special needs (irrespective of the capacity of the college to support those students). This will assist the college to determine the number of students with disabilities that require assistance and access.


  • Entrepreneurship programme to support students to be entrepreneurs, (Type of intervention in place and success rate).


  • Providingup-to-date information about employment opportunities on campus notice boards or in the resource centre.
  • Linking students directly with employers who contact the college for prospective employees in a particular field. This is a reactive approach.
  • Actively promoting or marketing students and college programmes among prospective employers. This is a proactive approach.


  • System used to provide students with information regarding HEI’s and how to articulate.

Enrollment Workflow

Station 1 Queues Outside Gate: Station 2 Gate Entry: Station 3 Info/Career/Presentations Session: Station 4 Placement/CAP Test: Station 5 Programme Selection: Station 6 Capturing Personal Info [ABSA Deposit]: Station 7 Capturing Course Data: Station 8 NSFAS Bursary App: Station 9: Student Card & Textbooks: Station 10 Student Survey: Station 11 Submit Checklist & Exit Gate.



Student Support Service Model:

  • Pre-Entry Support (Selection & career guidance) Financial Aid, Orientation), On-Course Support (Academic, Personal/Leadership, Psycho-social) and Exit Support (Entrepreneurship, Placement(learnerships, Interns, work, etc), Higher Education Institution entry support).

DHET TVET College Bursary Scheme:

  • Only RSA, Reg for NCV/Report 191 @any of 50 Colleges, Financial Needy as per Means Test (Electronic Tool), Able to demonstrate Academic Perfmance.
  • DOCs: Results, Academic Record or Printed Proof of Reg; Certf. ID or Birth Cert, IDs of Both Parents, Guardian/Spouse/ Death Cert., of both or Either Parents; Affidavit if student’s parents are missing. Salary Advice <3 mnts; SASSA Letter, Pension/Child Grant slip N/A, Student’s Marital Status documents [Certified Marriage, Divorce decree or Death cert of spouse if].
  • Travel & Accomm docs [Affidavits and/or Rental Agreement copies.
  • Debt Collectors may be utilized to select of 10-25% Students receiving Travel & Accomm to be verified for Physical Address.

Public FET Attendance and Punctuality Policy:

  • Min 80% Class Attendance to be maintained to ensure NSFAS Travel & Accom funding. Travel & Accom Allowances for those who don’t make 80% attendance or Drop outs must be returned to NSFAS by Year End.

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