Course Entry Requirements for NEW students
Study_DirectionLevelCourseGrade RequiredSubj-1MarkSubj-2MarkSubj-3MarkSubj-4Mark
Business: Semester           
Business: Semester4Business Management N4Grade 12Accounting30      
Business: Semester4Business Management N4NCV Lev 4        
Business: Semester5Business Management N5N4        
Business: Semester6Business Management N6N5        
Business: Semester 4Hospitality And Catering N4Grade 12Business Studies30      
Business: Semester4Hospitality And Catering N4Grade 12Consumer Studies40      
Business: Semester4Hospitality And Catering N4NCV Lev 4Hospitality40      
Business: Semester5Hospitality And Catering N5N4        
Business: Semester6Hospitality And Catering N6N5        
Business: Semester4Human Resource Management N4Grade 12        
Business: Semester4Human Resource Management N4NCV Lev 4        
Business: Semester5Human Resource Management N5N4        
Business: Semester6Human Resource Management N6N5        
Business: Semester4Legal Secretary N4Grade 12English40      
Business: Semester4Legal Secretary N4NCV Lev 4        
Business: Semester4Management Assistant N4Grade 12        
Business: Semester4Management Assistant N4NCV Lev 4        
Business: Semester5Management Assistant N5N4        
Business: Semester6Management Assistant N6N5        
Business: Semester4Marketing Management N4Grade 12        
Business: Semester4Marketing Management N4NCV Lev 4Marketing50      
Business: Semester5Marketing Management N5N4        
Business: Semester6Marketing Management N6N5        

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